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Paradise Papers: The Rest of the Story

Amid the hype of this month’s [Nov 2017] “Paradise Papers,” some key ingredients have gone missing—the rest of the story.

Value Judgement

Here's a look at the last blog I wrote as CEO of the Bermuda Business Development Agency back in March 2018...


As discussions of Global Tax Harmonisation rumble on, here's a flashback to a 2015 article I wrote on the EU Blacklists targeted at offshore

Ziggy Played The Market

An article I wrote on the securitisation of a block of David Bowie's music - back in 1999. Published in Global Reinsurance.

Bermuda's Asset Management Ecosystem

Click on the PDF link to read some of my industry peers discuss Bermuda's Asset Management ecosystem in Asset Servicing Times (ok, I chip...

ILS Outlook for 2021

Click on the PDF link to see my ILS outlook article published in Insurance Day on December 2nd 2020.

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